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Gregor Purgaj / 1981

Location / Murska Sobota

Country / Slovenia


Freelance artist, working in different media like painting, illustration, design, photography and video.


Since 2005 my work has been exhibiting in different galleries in Slovenia and international. I have Illustrated and designed artwork for music album covers (God bless this mess records, Celinka records), book covers (Gallery Murska Sobota, Pomurje Museum of Murska Sobota), music posters (MIKK – Youth club), labels for local micro beer brewery and wine production (Bevog, Radgonske gorice). I've been also co working in video production (Dežurni krivci, Ethnotrip, Vlado Kreslin, ...), and founded the MIKK youth gallery Odprto Obrobje (curating 2015 - 2017). 


Awards / Murska Sobota city year award on national culture day of France Prešeren for special achivement in art.

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