Gregor Purgaj / born - 1981

Location – Murska Sobota

Country: Slovenia


Freelance artist, working in different media like painting, illustration, design, photography and video. 


Prefer / painting, drawing


In my work I try to question myself about everyday life stituations that attracts attention and awareness of the human feeling and emotions through self conscious, but drags the viewer into a dreamy world. I concentrate more on the subject that comes spontaneously, mostly from personal experience. I like to work with vibrant colours and simple shapes.


Since 2005 I have shown my work in different galleries in Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Austria and Netherlands. I have illustrated and designed different music album covers (God bless this mess record label), book covers (Gallery Murska Sobota, Pomurje Museum of Murska Sobota), music posters (MIKK – Youth club), labels for local micro beer brewery and wine production (BEVOG, Radgonske gorice). I am also active in videoproduction, mostly for music videos (Dežurni krivci, Ethnotrip, Vlado Kreslin) and I am the founder of the gallery Odprto Obrobje, where I organized exhibitions of young newcomers in Slovenia.